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If you do e-mail us, please remember that e-mail is not secure. Do not e-mail to us any information that is either confidential or sensitive. Please be sure to include the name of your opposing party if the matter for which you are seeking information or advice involves a dispute with an opposing party. Of course many legal matters, such as probate or immigration, do not involve a dispute. If you do happen to be in a dispute with an opposing party we must know the name of your opposing party to make sure that this firm does not have a conflict of interest. For example, in a divorce situation we may have already spoken with your spouse. If that is the case, we could not represent you, and you would not want to share information with us. If you send unsolicited information to an attorney who represents a party opposed to you, the attorney may be obligated by law to disclose to the opposing party the information you unwittingly shared. You can avoid this problem by clearly identifying in your e-mail message to us the name of any opposing party and not sending any senstive information in your initial e-mail to us.