Protectingyour interests


At Garcia and Associates, our attorneys and staff are committed to providing legal services of the highest quality in a prompt, courteous, cost-effective, and ethical manner. We believe in putting our clients first. Our greatest asset is the ability to treat each client as an individual. Each client has unique needs, and our success depends upon understanding those needs and achieving a successful resolution of the unique legal problems faced by each client. At Garcia and Associates, no case is treated as "just another file."

From the minute a client walks in our door, they will receive personalized and attentive service from our staff members and attorneys…something you won't find at those huge legal "mega-firms." Our office isn't located in a high-rise building and our clients don't have to wade through several levels of screeners to reach a lawyer. From the initial meeting to the case resolution, our attorneys communicate directly with their clients. Our capable and dedicated staff members are here to support our attorneys, not to do the legal work for them.

Lastly, at Garcia and Associates, we encourage clients to ask questions and to stay informed about their case. We believe that our clients have the right to timely receipt of information and copies of all matters related to their case. By keeping our clients informed and empowered, we offer them the best chance at a successful resolution to their legal situation. If you would like more information about our firm or our services, please call us today at (210) 826-6618 for a personal consultation. Evening appointments are available if your work schedule makes a meeting difficult during regular business hours. Free off-street parking is available.